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We are often asked, “Which Broker License package is better?” The Broker License Online Course is working with an online program (blend of video presentation, read through, and quizzes/sample exams) at your pace whenever and wherever. The Broker License Hybrid Class is attending scheduled classes for 5 weeks as we go through the material in class then you complete your studies online with quizzes and sample exams. So the question should be, “Which way do You learn best?” Choose what works best for you.

There are 3 steps to getting a Broker License (initial real estate sales license in Illinois).

  • Complete the required licensed 75-hour education from an Illinois licensed school.
  • Pass the state exam.
  • Associate yourself with a brokerage and apply for the license.


Sure Win is an Illinois licensed education provider providing licensed real estate courses. The entire education is completed through online content and class attendance if applicable. There are no school exams other then those in the online programs. Additional information includes:

  • Full Hybrid Class attendance is required and verified. The classes are held live at the Sure Win Rosemont/Des Plaines office or the Springfield location and webcast to multiple locations and students.
    • For those attending class by webcast, the link with instructions on how to attend is in the initial email and class reminder email. Use the link for all the classes.
    • Webcast class attendance requires connecting up on an electronic device through a browser that you can use to participate in the class. You need to be able to register your name plus submit comments and answers questions.
    • You CANNOT connect up by phone audio only. You will not get credit for attending if you lack participation for any extended periods of time or for the entire class.
    • Miss class time is required to be made up.
    • Miss too much of a class and you will be required to take that entire class over.
    • Miss more than 1 (one) entire class and you will be required to do all of the classes/class time over again. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • All coursework must be completed within 9 months from registration or date of 1st class.
    • We provide a 3 month extension (from the expiration date) for $80.
    • If more than 9 months has past since the expiration date or to redo the coursework for any reason at any point in the future a reinstatement fee is required. Reinstatement requires starting over from the beginning with the education coursework.
    • A new text book, if needed, is $50.
  • Upon payment of all fees and successful completion of ALL the required coursework and class time (if applicable), a school transcript is emailed to you.
  • Upon payment of all fees and successful completion of ALL the required coursework and class time (if applicable), students who have completed the entire Sure Win 75-Hour Broker Licensing education program receive a license key, to access the full classic version with videos, of the exam prep online program from ExamSmart FREE (regularly $59), to further help them prepare for the State exam.


The Illinois real estate state exam is administered by a PSI. You will schedule with them to take it once you have completed all the required coursework.The current cost to take the exam is $58. The state exam consists of 2 tests; National Topics and State Specific Topics.

  • The national topics test is 100 multiple choice questions.
  • The state topics test is 40 multiple choice questions.
  • You take both. The national topics first, then the state topics.
  • You need to pass each separately with a score of 70% or better.
  • You have 2 years after completing the education and 4 tries to pass them.
  • If you pass one and not the other, only the one failed needs to be taken again.
  • If you fail either or both tests 4 times, you need to complete the Broker License education over again to get 4 more tries.


Once you pass the state exam, you receive a pass report, not a license.

  • Within 1 year of passing, you need to apply for your Broker’s License. 
  • Applying for your license requires sponsorship (association with a real estate brokerage/sponsoring broker).
  • The cost for the license application is $175. If/when you get sponsored requires an additional $35 fee.


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