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NEW MANAGING BROKERS: If this is your first renewal of the Managing Broker License (your License number is above 471.019188) you need 12 hours of Core & Elective CE for the 4/30/2019 renewal.  Go to 12 Hr. Core/Elective CE Package

EXISTING MANAGING BROKERS: If this is your second or more renewal of the Managing Broker License (your License number is below 471.019889) you need 24 hours of CE, 12 hours of Core & Electives plus the 12 hours Broker Management (BMCE) class for the 4/30/2019 renewal.


12 Hour Broker Management (BMCE) Class

This course can only be completed by attending class. NO self-study or online distant education allowed. Full verified attendance is mandatory and NO final exam.

  • Attend live via webcast or in-person (locations throughout Chicagoland).
  • Day, Evening, and Weekend classes.
  • Shortest daytime classes from 9 am to 3 pm
  • Lunch is included at all in-person daytime classes.
  • Mix and Match days, dates, locations, in-person, and webcasts to accommodate your schedule.


12 Hour Core & Elective Courses

The 12 hours of Core and Elective courses approved by the State of Illinois are Core A (3 hours mandatory), Core B (3 hours mandatory), Appraisal & Finance (3 hours elective) and NAR Ethics (3 hours elective).

  • NAR members can use the Sure Win NAR Ethics compliant course for their biennial requirement.
  • The courses can be completed in three different formats but Sure Win does not hold classes for core and elective CE in the Managing Broker renewal season.
  • If you sign up for one and decide you want the other Sure Win will allow you to switch one time for free. After that to switch back again requires a $25 fee.

Complete the Core and Elective courses by:

  • ONLINE DISTANT EDUCATION – Online program and NO final exam. Log into the online program whenever you want and read through the course materials answering questions along the way. The coursework is divided into 10 to 20 minute lessons. You can do one or as many lessons as you want at any one time. Complete all the lessons for a course and no final exam. A Certificate of Completion is emailed to you. Finish all 4 courses for the core and elective 12 hours and you are done.


  • SELF-STUDY – From a book; REQUIRES final exam. This is the way the core and elective home study CE was done in the past. Study the course materials on your own (books, eBooks, video’s, sample exams, etc.) then take a proctored exam for each course. The core and elective CE courses require passing four 25 question closed book True/False exams to complete all 12 hours.