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  • For information about your license, or anyone else’s license go to IDFPR License Lookup.
  • IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY AND RENEW YOUR LICENSE WITH THE IDFPR. The IDFPR emails notices when the system is open for license renewals.
  • You have to be sponsored to renew your license. If you are not sponsored, get sponsored and renew your license together; otherwise, it will cause delays in processing.
  • After you have completed ALL your education requirements renew your license with the IDFPR when the system is open fore renewal (the 90 days prior the 4/30 expiration date). 
    • There is a link on the IDFPR Links Page of the Sure Win website to the IDFPR renewal page. The link is only active when the state has opened up the renewal system.
  • You DO NOT need certificates or transcripts to renew. 
    • You DO NOT send them in with your renewal.
    • You DO NOT need the course completions to be reported to renew. The State does not verify this when you renew.
    • The state DOES audit at a later date to find those who lied on their renewal and did not complete some or all, of their education requirements.
    • For those who DID NOT complete their education requirements (some or all) they make you complete it plus pay an initial fine of $25 per credit hour for every hour of education you did not complete.


  • Your education completions are reported to the State of Illinois (IDFPR) and NOT to anyone else.
    • If you are a member of the NAR and want to use your NAR Ethics course completion for the biennial Code of Ethics requirement it is your responsibility to get the NAR Ethics Certificate of Completion to your local board to receive credit.
  • All schools have until the 15th of the following month after the completion to report the completion.
    • If you search the IDFPR CE Lookup and it is not there before 15th of the following month when you completed it, check back after the 15th for verification.
    • If it is after the 15th of the month following the completion and not there, contact the school where you completed the CE.
    • Once you renew your CE completions automatically go into history file. Click on “Show History” in the upper right hand corner of page to see them.
    • The Broker Post-License course completions are reported to PSI/AMP and do/will not show up on the IDFPR CE Lookup site.


  • The State DOES NOT mail printed licenses.
  • Renew by 4/30 otherwise on 5/1 it will cost $50 more.
    • DO NOT conduct licensed activities if you did not renew. You can be disciplined for unlicensed practice.


  • If you miss the 4/30 renewal deadline, do not worry. You have up to 5 years to reinstate your license. 
    • To reinstate an expired license requires completion of education courses, paying all the missed renewal fees, and a $50 reinstatement fee. The education requirements are:
  • Licenses expired for more than 5 years cannot be reinstated.

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