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  • For information about your license, or anyone else’s license go to IDFPR License Lookup.
  • IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY AND RENEW YOUR LICENSE WITH THE IDFPR. The IDFPR emails notices when the system is open for license renewals (the 90 days prior the expiration date).
  • You have to be sponsored to renew your license. If you are not sponsored, get sponsored and renew your license at the same time otherwise there will be a delay in processing the renewal.
  • Certificates and transcripts are NOT needed to renew. 
    • You DO NOT send them in with your renewal.
    • You DO NOT need the course completions to be reported to renew. The State does not verify this when you renew.
    • The state does audit at a later date to find those who lied on their renewal and did not complete some or all of their education requirements.
    • When the state audits the renewal, anyone who DID NOT complete their education requirements by the renewal date (some or all) will be required to complete it and pay a $500 fine.


  • Your education completions are reported to the State of Illinois (IDFPR) and NOT to anyone else.
  • All schools have until the 15th of the following month after the completion month to report the completion.
    • If you search the IDFPR CE Lookup and it is not there before 15th of the following month of when it was completed, check back after the 15th for verification.
    • If it is after the 15th of the month following the completion and not there, contact the school.
    • Once a license is renewed, the CE completions automatically go into history file. Click on “Show History” in the upper right hand corner of page to see them.


  • The State DOES NOT mail printed licenses.
    • A number of days after you renew, you will receive an email from the IDFPR with instructions on how to Download/Print Your License.
    • You must get the original license to your Sponsoring Broker and print and/or carry an electronic copy of the license with you.
  • Renew by 4/30 otherwise on 5/1 it will cost $50 more.
    • DO NOT renew if you have NOT completed your education requirement. Late renewal is $50, getting audited and even if you finish it a couple days late is a fine of $500.
    • DO NOT conduct licensed activities if you do not renew. You can be disciplined for unlicensed practice.


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