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For the Real Estate Division’s Home Page go to IDFPR REAL ESTATE HOME PAGE

To look up a license number, status, issuance date, expiration date, and sponsor go to IDFPR LICENSE LOOKUP

To lookup your current and past CE completions reported go to IDFPR CONTINUING EDUCATION LOOKUP. All schools have until the 15th of the following month after completion to report CE completions. If it is before that date check back after the 15th. If it is after the 15th contact the school. Additionally, once you renew your CE completions automatically go into history. Click on “Show History” in the upper right hand corner of page to see them. NOTE: There is no place you can look up the reported Broker Post-License course completions.

To update/change your address and email for state notifications go to IDFPR ADDRESS CHANGE – LOOKUP.

For the new online portal for sponsoring and/or terminating real estate licensee’s go to IDFPR ONLINE SERVICES PORTAL.

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY AND RENEW YOUR LICENSE WITH THE IDFPR. After you have completed your CE and when the renewal system is open (the 90 days prior your expiration date) to renew your license go to IDFPR LICENSE RENEWAL. You DO NOT need certificates. You DO NOT need the completions to be reported. The State does not verify completions when you renew. They audit at a later date. Renew by 4/30 otherwise on 5/1 it will cost $50 more.

A number of days after you renew, when the new license has been issued you can access it at IDFPR GET MY LICENSE. You will receive an email with an access code on how to retrieve/download/print your new license. You can get your current license at any time by going there and entering your License # and Date of Birth or SSN. You must download/print the license to provide the original to your Sponsoring Broker and carry a printed and/or ELECTRONIC POCKET CARD.