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  • 4-HOUR CORE CE: Mandatory 4 hour core continuing education course covering the legal requirements and details of license law, agency, brokerage agreements and disclosures, escrow, fair housing, and advertising. Illinois approved 4-hour mandatory – #564.003201, #564.003202.
  • SEXUAL HARASSMENT PREVENTION & SAFETY: The IDFPR requires this course to be done in class (in-person or live interactive webinar/webcast) OR through online interactive self-paced coursework for the required Sexual Harassment Prevention training compliance. The course covers what Sexual Harassment in the workplace is and discusses what you should do if harassed, including how to report it and being protected from repercussions of stepping forward. It also looks at things to do and steps to take to work safely in the real estate. Illinois approved 2-Hour elective – #564.003283, #564.003284.
    • This course satisfies the IDFPR Sexual Harassment Prevention Training requirement for renewal. 
  • WORKING WITH CONSUMERS: A comprehensive look, from the past to the future, of working as an agent in real estate evaluating how the tools have changed and what needs to be done to deal with consumers in the 21st century. Illinois 3-hour elective license #564.003725, #564.003726.
  • THE NAR ETHICS: Elevate your professional standards with this comprehensive review of the National Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics through our NAR Ethics course. Fulfill your Illinois 3-hour elective CE requirement (license #564.003061).
    • ALL NAR members receive credit for the NAR Ethics requirement due by 12/31/2024. For all NAR members, no matter what local board you belong to, your Sure Win completions are reported directly to the NAR, through their local board, NSBAR.
  • BROKER MANAGEMENT CE (BMCE): Advanced learning and interactive course for all managing broker licensees for the creation, implementation, and practical application of office policies required to operate and manage an office so that those associated with the brokerage know what is acceptable, appropriate, and required. Illinois approved 12-hour mandatory – #564.002991, #564.003341.


  • The continuing education required for your license renewal can be completed at any time from May 1st the day after your previous expiration to April 30th the day of the current expiration.
  • Order the Sure Win courses at anytime, the courses must be completed by and expire on the following May 31st each year. Once they expire, you must pay a fee or repurchase the course(s) to continue.
  • You cannot take the same license numbered CE course twice in a renewal period for credit. You can take the same course in subsequent renewals for credit.
  • CE credits do not roll over, so if you do more than required for any renewal period you CANNOT use them for future renewals.


  • Printed books are provided at all in-person classes.
  • Printed books can be mailed for $15


  • If you order “I WILL SCHEDULE LATER” or to “RE-SCHEDULE CLASS”, when ready, return to the ordering page with the class schedule, pick the class(es) to attend, and send an email to with the choice(s). Sure Win will provide an email confirmation(s).
  • SURE WIN allows for one (1) FREE rescheduling of each class. 2nd Rescheduling of a class costs $25.
  • Two (2) business days and two (2) hours before a class, all registered students will receive a reminder email.
    • The course e-book is attached to the emails.
    • If you do not get the email two days before the class, send an email to so we can verify your email and resend it.
    • You will receive a separate email for each class day that you registered for.
    • NOTE: Outlook and similar program users – if an email ends up in your actual email spam/junk folder, it will not download to Outlook or a similar program. If you do not receive it in these programs, log into your actual email account and check your spam/junk folder.
  • For those attending a class by webcast, the link with instructions on how to attend are in the initial email, class reminder emails and the class schedule or reschedule emails.
    • You can use the same link for all the classes you will attend.
    • Webcast class attendance requires connecting up on an electronic device through a browser that you can use to participate in the class by registering in your name plus being able to submit comments and answers to questions.
    • You CANNOT connect up by phone audio only. You are required to participate for the entire class by submitting comments and answering questions.
    • You will not get credit for attending if you lack participation for any extended periods of time or the entire class.
    • You CANNOT miss any class time. If you do, you will be dropped from the class and must complete the class over again to get credit. NO EXCEPTIONS!


  • Upon successful completion of your online coursework or classes, you will receive a Certificate of Completion by email.
    • You will receive one for each course. The certificates are your official notification of completion in case you get audited.
    • If you do not receive them send an email to so we can verify your email address and resend.
    • The certificates are for your records. You DO NOT send them in/for/with your renewal. They ARE NOT required to renew.
  • Upon payment of all fees and successful completion of all the coursework or class time, Sure Win reports your completion(s) to the IDFPR by the 15th of the following month after completion.