Sure Win INC.

Proctor Information and Registration


The proctor is the person who fills out the registration not the student. If your proctor registers and the student has not paid or completed all required class time and/or coursework the exams, will not be setup until completed.


For coursework that requires a final exam, Illinois law DOES NOT allow licensees to take the exams alone. The state requires they be administered by an individual called a proctor. A proctor is a person who has a written agreement with a licensed pre-license or licensed continuing education school; to administer in person, examinations fairly and impartially. The proctor shall authenticate the identity of the student taking the examination, monitor the student and examination-taking process by being physically and visually present for the entire time. A proctor is also expected to protect the confidentiality of school materials. Proctors must be impartial third parties (e.g., not a licensee’s sponsoring broker, managing broker, colleague, or any relative, etc.).


A qualified proctor MUST:

  • Be over 21 years of age
  • Speak English
  • Be capable of performing basic computer skills
  • Be able to fairly administer the exam
  • Be able to abide by/follow the rules/process set forth by the State of Illinois and Sure Win Inc.


  • CANNOT be related to the licensee by blood or marriage
  • CANNOT be the licensees Sponsoring, Managing Broker, or colleague.
  • CANNOT have an Illinois Real Estate License

Acceptable proctors can be people you know such as: A staff member of any education provider or professional organization; a non real estate licensed professional such as an Attorney, Doctor, Nurse, Police Officer, Fireman, or Business person. Most libraries provide proctors and proctoring services.


Proctor approvals and exam setup are completed within 1 business day. DO NOT sign up and immediately call to have the exams setup. We process these in the order they come in. Calling will delay it. No exceptions. Have your proctor register in advance.

  • THE PROCTOR will fill out an online registration form at SURE WIN Online Proctor Registration for each licensee they will proctor.
  • ​A proctor can proctor exams for more than one student but, must fill out a registration form for each student.
  • Even if the proctor has registered in the past, they will need to register for each student each time they will be proctoring for them.
  • Proctors, before registering make sure the student has signed up and paid for the course. If not, DO NOT register as this will cause delays in the approval and setting up the exams.
  • Once we receive a registration, we review the proctor information, verify the students order and completion of any required class time or coursework. Once everything is verified/completed we set up the exams.
  • If the proctor is not approved, they will receive an email within 1 business day explaining why.
  • The exams are set up after all the required class time and/or coursework is completed. If the proctor registered before these are completed and DOES NOT get notification of denial, they are approved. We will hold the registration until the student has finished what is required and then set up the exams.
  • Once the exams have been set up, the student will receive an email informing them to contact their proctor to schedule with them to take the exams. The proctor receives an email with a unique username and password for each student they are registered for, along with instructions on how to proceed. NOTE: If the student has received the email and the proctor has not, make sure they check their spam folder. If you are using Outlook or a similar email management program, log into your actual email account and check the spam/junk folder. If it is there, it will not download to Outlook or similar programs. If the proctor has not received it, the proctor needs to email us so we can verify their email and resend it.


All the Sure Win approved proctored exams are taken online by computer. When using an approved proctor, we do not and will not set up any paper exams.

  • The exams may be taken all at one time or individually at different times as per agreement between the proctor and licensee.
  • The proctor will not be compensated by Sure Win Inc. for proctoring. Any fees charged by the proctor will be paid by the student.
  • The proctor will administer the exam(s) at a place that is conducive to taking an exam (e.g. reasonably quiet environment, good computer and internet connection, adequate lighting, etc.).
  • The proctor must keep all log in information confidential and not share it with the student or any other individual.
  • The proctor shall oversee and be visually present for the exam(s). Eliminate as many interruptions and distractions as possible.
  • These are CLOSED BOOK exams. The proctor shall prohibit any cheating or misconduct before, during, or after the exam including, but not limited to, the use of books, notes, phone calls, discussions with others, leaving the testing area, sending or receiving information electronically, and copying or making notes of the exams.
  • Nobody, including the proctor, may help the student answer or understand the exam questions. Only the student is allowed to see the exam.
  • The proctor shall inform Sure Win Inc. of any irregular or questionable occurrences.
  • Upon log-in the proctor is required to verify the students photo ID. Upon verification the student will proceed to taking the exams.
  • The proctor is required to log the student out when they have completed the exams.


The user name and password for the Managing Broker Licensing course is good for 45 days or until the student has completed all of their exams, whichever comes first. The user name and password for Home-Study Continuing Education courses are good until May 31st or until the student has completed all of their exams, whichever comes first. The proctor does not grade and is not expected to understand any content of the exams. Each exam is graded immediately upon completion with the result displayed. These are timed exams. The computer will stop an exam if not completed when the time has expired.

  • Home-Study Continuing Education Exams – Each course has a 25 or 28 question, true/false exam and 15 minutes is allowed to take each. Passing is 75% or better.
  • Managing Broker License 30-Hour Topics course has a multiple choice 50-question exam and 60 minutes is allowed. Passing is 75% or better.


  • Home-Study Continuing Education exams allow for 1 free retake. The computer will automatically reset the exam so it can be taken over immediately or at another time. If failed twice, the licensee must contact Sure Win Inc. and repurchase the course to continue.
  • The Managing Broker License 30-Hour Topics exam allow for 2 free tries. After the first attempt, the computer will automatically reset the exam so it can be taken over immediately or at another time. If failed twice, the student must contact Sure Win Inc. and pay $25 for two more tries. If failed four times, the student must repurchase the course at 1/2 price and redo it to proceed.


  • Each time a Continuing Education exam is passed, a certificate of completion is emailed. The CE completion will then be reported to the IDFPR.
  • Each time a Licensing course exam is passed, a confirmation email is sent, an official transcript is mailed, and the completion is reported to the state through PSI/AMP.


You fully acknowledge having read the rules, requirements, processes, and procedures. I will personally oversee and remain visually present for the entire time the student is taking the exams and no outside materials are used during the exam. I will not share the log-in information with the student or any other individual. You also certify that you are; a disinterested 3rd party; not related to the licensee by blood or marriage; not the sponsoring broker; managing broker or colleague; do not have an active or inoperative Illinois real estate license; are over 21; speak English; and will abide by and follow the rules and processes set forth by Sure Win Inc. and the State of Illinois. Any violation will result in the invalidation of the exams and penalties under law.