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In-Office classes for groups can be ordered here. The cost includes 2 days of classes, all 12 hours of core and elective CE needed for Broker License renewal.

Day 1: Core & Sexual Harassment Prevention & Safety Class:

  • 4-HOUR CORE CE: Mandatory 4 hour core continuing education course covering the legal requirements and details of license law, agency, brokerage agreements and disclosures, escrow, fair housing, and advertising.
  • SEXUAL HARASSMENT PREVENTION & SAFETY: 2-hour Elective. We start with understanding of what Sexual Harassment in the workplace is then discuss what you should do if harassed, including how to report it and being protected from repercussions of stepping forward. Then we look at things to do and steps to take to work safely in the real estate. NOTE: This course also satisfies the 1-hour Sexual Harassment Prevention Training required by the IDFPR for renewal.

Day 2: Working With Consumers and Taxes in Real Estate Class:

  • WORKING WITH CONSUMERS: A comprehensive look, from the past to the future, of working as an agent in real estate evaluating how the tools have changed and what needs to be done to deal with consumers in the 21st century.
  • TAXES IN REAL ESTATE: 3-hour Elective. In depth look at the taxes that affect ownership of principal residences and investment property including property taxes, capital gains taxes, income taxes, plus strategies for tax deferment and avoidance including 1031 tax free exchanges.