Sure Win INC.

Additional Broker Post-Licensing Information

Upon ordering, you will receive an order confirmation/receipt email with all the details and instructions on how to complete your online coursework.


  • Complete the entire online coursework to finish your education requirements.
    • There is NO school final exam.
    • There is NO State Exam.
  • All coursework must be completed and will expire by the next April 30th.
  • Upon completion of each course, you will receive an email acknowledgement. Upon verification of payment of all fees and successful completion of ALL the required coursework, we will mail you an official school transcript.
    • You do NOT need the transcript to renew your license.
    • You do NOT send the transcript in with your renewal.
    • Keep it for your records in case you are audited.
    • Sure Win charges $15 for a replacement transcript.


  • Upon payment of all fees and successful completion of ALL the required coursework, your completions are reported to PSI/AMP. 
    • We need your PSI Student ID number to properly do this. Forward us the email with your student ID# received when you registered for your Broker License exam.
    • For help with it contact PSI at 800-345-6559 or to register for a new student ID# go to PSI Student ID Registration. Email your assigned student number to
  • Once you have completed all your coursework, you can renew your license.
    • You do not need to wait for the completions to be reported.


  • The Sure Win Broker Licensing courses are Illinois State-Approved License #513.001561 and #513.001562.
  • For the school policies, go to Sure Win School Policies.
  • For additional questions or help, send an email to or call 888-844-7515.