Sure Win INC.

Exam Information


The State of Illinois does not require final exams for education courses taken through an “Online Program” or live “Classes” either in-person or by webinar/webcast. Sure Win currently provides these courses that DO NOT have final exams:

  • The 90-hour Broker License Hybrid Online education courses.
    • 75-hour Broker License Topics Class course.
    • 15-hour Broker License Interactive Online course.
  • The 90-hour Broker License Online education.
    • 75-hour Broker License Topics Online course.
    • 15-hour Broker License Interactive Online course.
  • The 30-hour Broker Post-License education courses.
    • 15-hour Broker Post-License Topics Online course.
    • 15-hour Broker Post-License Interactive Online course.
  • The 15-hour Managing Broker License Interactive Online course.
  • All Continuing Education courses.
    • Online Program or
    • In Class, either in-person or by live webcast.


  • The 30-hour Managing Broker License Topics course. To complete the 30-Hour Managing Broker Topics course you must pass a 50-question multiple choice closed book proctored exam with a score of 75% or better. You have two (2) free tries and if failed twice you need to pay $25 for two (2) more tries. If the exam is failed four (4) times, you must repurchase the course at 1/2 price and redo the coursework to continue. The final exam can be taken at the Sure Win office BY APPOINTMENT Monday through Friday 10 am to 2 pm (email us with the date and time when you want to come in and we will confirm) OR by Online Proctored Exams.