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Exam Information

As of 1/1/2018, the State of Illinois no longer requires final exams for education courses taken through certain formats. These include “Online Distant Education” and live “Classes” either in-person or by webcast. While we transition to these new course formats, the old requirements need to be completed as per the sections below. Sure Win currently provides these courses that DO NOT REQUIRE final exams:

  • The 90-hour Broker License Hybrid class course taken after 1/1/2019.
  • The 90-hour Broker License Online course started after 8/1/2018.
  • The 30-hour Broker Post-License course.
  • ALL the Continuing Education courses taken by:
    • Online Distant Education or
    • In Class either in-person or by live webcast.

These are the LICENSING courses that REQUIRE final exams:

  • All previous Broker License courses started before the dates stated in the above section have two exams (125 and 25 questions).
  • The 45-hour Managing Broker licensing has one 50-question exam.

To complete the licensing courses, you must pass a multiple choice closed book proctored exam(s) with a score of 75% or better. Broker Licensing exams allow for four (4) free tries. Broker Post-License and Managing Broker Licensing exams allow for two (2) free tries and if failed twice you need to pay $25 for two (2) more tries. If a licensing course exam is failed four (4) times, you must repurchase the course at the current discount reinstatement fee and redo the coursework to continue. The final exams can be taken at the Sure Win office BY APPOINTMENT Monday through Friday 10 am to 2 pm (email us with the date and time when you want to come in and we will confirm) OR by Online Proctored Exams.

Final Exams are REQUIRED for all CORRESPONDENCE/SELF-STUDY Core & Elective CE. Correspondence/Self-Study is where you will study the course materials on your own (books, eBooks, video’s, sample exams, etc.). Each 3-hour core or elective CE course requires passing a 25-question closed book true/false exam. Passing is 70% or better. The state allows for 1 free retake within 30 days for a failed exam. Failing twice requires repurchasing that course to take it again. These are the options for taking the exams: