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Exam Information


The State of Illinois does not require proctored final exams for education courses taken through an “Online Program” or live “Classes” either in-person or by webinar/webcast. What this means is complete the online program coursework, or attend a class with full verified attendance, and there is no administered/proctored final exam required.

Sure Win currently DOES NOT provide any licensing or continuing education courses that have a school proctored final exam.

  • NOTE: The previous 30-hour Managing Broker License Topics course, discontinued as of 10/01/2021, does requires a 50-question multiple choice closed book proctored exam with a score of 75% or better for those who have signed up for and need to finish that course. The proctored final exam can be taken at the Sure Win office BY APPOINTMENT Monday through Friday (email us with the date and time when you want to come in and we will confirm) OR by Online Proctored Exams