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Course Requirements

  • You complete the 30-hour Topics course by studying the book and completing online quizzes for credit. To finish the 30-hour Topics course requires passing a 50 question multiple choice final exam. The 30-hour Topics course can be done before, during, or after the Interactive class.
  • The 15-hour Interactive Applied Principles class is mandatory full verified attendance either in-person or via live webinar. The classes are held live at the Sure Win Rosemont/Des Plaines office and webcast to students. For those attending class by webcast the link with instructions on how to attend are in the class reminder email. You can use the same link for all the classes you will attend. Webcast class attendance requires connecting up on an electronic device through a browser that you can use to participate in the class by registering in your name plus being able to submit comments and answers to questions. You CANNOT connect up by phone audio only. You are required to participate for the entire class by submitting comments and answering questions. You will not get credit for attending if you lack participation for any extended periods of time or for the entire class. You CANNOT miss any class time. If you do, you must complete that class over again to get credit. NO EXCEPTIONS! The Interactive class does NOT require a final exam.
  • All coursework must be completed within 9 months from registration. We provide an additional 3-month course extension for $75. If your coursework is not completed, after one year from original enrollment (does not matter how long after) you can/need to be reinstated at a cost of $150. Reinstatement may require you to complete the education coursework from the beginning depending on how much time has lapsed.

After Completing the Sure Win Coursework

  • The real estate state exam is administered by a PSI/AMP. You will schedule with them to take the state exam(s) once your course completions have been reported. Upon payment of all fees and successful completion of ALL the required coursework, class time, and exams (whichever are applicable) it will be reported provided you have registered and emailed your student ID# to us. To register for a student ID# go to PSI Student ID Registration. Once issued, email your assigned student ID# to Once we report it takes 1 to 2 business days to process through their system before you can schedule. The current cost to take the exam is $46. Here is where you can view/download a PSI Illinois Candidate Handbook or we have the current version in the online coursework.
  • Upon payment of all fees and successful completion of ALL the required coursework, class time, and exams (whichever are applicable), a printed transcript will be provided to you in-person or mailed. Keep this as you will need it when you apply for your license after passing the state exam. You do NOT need it to schedule or take the state exam. Do not lose it. Replacement transcripts cost $15.

State Exam and Moving Forward

  • The state exam consists of 2 exams; National Topics and State Topics. The National Topics test is 10 situational simulations to work through. The State Topics test is 40 multiple choice questions. You need to pass each test with a score of 75% or better. You have 4 years from completing the education and 4 tries to pass each test. If you pass one test and not the other, you only need to retake the test you failed. If you fail either or both tests 4 times, you will need to complete the 45-hour education over again to get 4 more tries to pass the state exams.
  • Once you pass the state exam you receive a pass report, not a license. Within 1 year of passing the exam, you need to get sponsored (either sponsor yourself or be sponsored by another sponsoring broker) and apply for your Managing Broker License. The forms can be found at The IDFPR Real Estate Home Page.
  • For the school policies, go to Sure Win School Policies.
  • For additional questions or help, send an email to or call 888-844-7515.