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Reciprocal licensing is where you, as a non-resident, can obtain a real estate license from another state with minimal effort.

  • You would have a license in both states.
  • Currently Illinois has reciprocity with Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Wisconsin (some states call it mutual recognition).
  • Click the “Florida Reciprocal Licensing Program” button below for information regarding obtaining a license in Florida through reciprocity with a current Illinois License.

If you have a valid real estate license in any of these states you can get an Illinois real estate license simply by passing the State portion of the Illinois State exam (a 40 question multiple choice test).

  • There is no education requirement to complete.
  • There are no other requirements other than pass the exam and apply for the license.
  • The Illinois real estate licenses are Broker and Managing Broker. If your state has Salesperson and Broker then a Salesperson licensee can get an Illinois Broker license. A Broker licensee can get an Illinois Managing Broker license provided you have been licensed in your state for at least 2 years.
  • Upon passing the exam, to apply for the license you must be sponsored by an Illinois Sponsoring Broker.
  • Managing Broker licensees can sponsor themselves if they have an office in their home state or in Illinois.
  • Illinois uses PSI/AMP Services to administer the state exam. If they have testing locations in your state, you can test there. Contact them to schedule the exam.