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In 2014, Florida and Illinois signed reciprocity agreements (Florida calls it “Mutual Recognition”).

  • If you have a valid real estate license in either state, you can get the other license simply by passing the State portion of their State exam (currently a 40-question state-specific exam).
  • If you are a Florida resident with an Illinois license or Illinois resident with a Florida license you cannot use the reciprocity program. Reciprocity is a non-resident licensing technique. Once you establish residency in the other state, you will be required to complete the full education requirements for licensing.

The additional Florida requirements include:

  • To take the Florida exam, you first submit an application.
  • You are required to be fingerprinted and subject to an FBI background check beforehand, which can be done in Illinois. Cost is $59.
  • Pearson Vue is the testing service Florida uses. There are locations in Illinois to take the Florida exam. Cost is $31.50.
  • Upon passing the Florida exam, you can apply for the license. Cost is $89.
  • The license will be good for 18 to 24 months.
  • The Florida licensee designations are Sales Associate and Broker.
    • If you have an Illinois Broker license you can get the Florida Sales Associate license.
    • If you have an Illinois Managing Broker license you can get the Florida Broker’s license.
    • Florida Broker licensees can sponsor themselves as long as they have an office for that license in Illinois or in Florida.
  • The licenses are issued as inactive (cannot practice real estate). To become active you must be sponsored by a Broker.

Due to the numerous requests Sure Win has found a comprehensive program specifically suited to helping Illinois licensees get their Florida real estate license. While there are no education requirements, taking the test without any preparation could be costly as they charge each time you take the exam. Sure Win is working with the Florida Real Estate School. One of the largest Florida schools offering online courses. They have created an education program specifically for obtaining a Florida Real Estate License through reciprocity.

  • The course is fully narrated and animated with interactive state-approved content.
  • It walks you through step-by-step on what you need to do to be licensed and how to get it accomplished.
  • It explains the Florida State laws and everything you need to know to pass the State exam.
  • It includes six 50 question multiple choice sample exams similar the questions found on the Florida State exam. The sample exams are presented with explanations of the questions and topics covered.
  • The educational materials, chapter quizzes, and sample exams are available to review and go through, in any order, as many times as you want.
  • Accessible from any device (computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.).
  • Unlimited use for 120 days. Extensions may be available on a case by case basis.

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